Look what landed in my garden to die. #moth #nature

Another obligatory #tomatoes #harvest post 🍅Look at all these colors!!!


lesbian pirates falling in love with lesbian mermaids

lesbian mermaids being conflicted about drowning them because they drown people who fall in love with them but those were all men before

mermaids not drowning the pirates



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🎁 new pretties 💖

How awesome would it be if you could trade knowledge with people? Like, I don’t need astronomy and you hate chemistry but you’re good at it so let’s trade.


"You will fucking do your arts.  I will sit on you and stare at you, and you will do your arts." — Responsibility Owl.  

🍅🍅 Today’s #harvest of #tomatoes includes one that looks like a butt.


[Heavy Breathing]


Lesbian Bibliophiles 

Book lovers never go to bed alone.  ~Author Unknown

Today’s #harvest with Drake’s help #tomatoes 🍅🍅🍅

Found in the Locket Library on #Etsy #bibliophile #bookjewely #bookstagram #books #jewelry #lockets #rings https://www.etsy.com/listing/121153608/bibliophiles-locket-ring?



Common Characteristics of Natural Born, Freelance, or Career Writers

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